Spring into Skincare: Revitalize Your Routine with These Fresh Tips!


🌸✨SPRING is officially here!!! 🌸✨

After enduring months of harsh weather and dry winds, it's time to revitalize your winter skin. Spring offers the perfect opportunity to reassess your skincare routine and give your skin the boost it needs after the cold months!

Use these tips to spring clean your skincare routine! 🌸✨🌷

1. Check Those Dates: First thing is first, check the expiration date on your products and while skincare items may not show visible signs of expiration it is important to ensure your products are effective and safe by discarding anything beyond its expiration date!

2. Sunshine Protection:Stock up on your SPF! Now that the weather is getting warmer and you may be spending more time outside in the sun it is time to make sure you have a great daily SPF regimen. Consider using tinted SPF products to create an SPF makeup look!

3. Brush Up Your Brushes: Clean or replace your makeup brushes. Ideally, you should be cleaning your makeup brushes weekly, but if it has been a while NOW is the time to clean or even replace your brushes!

4. Treat Yo' Self: Book a treatment with your esthetician, to get a deeper exfoliation and rid yourself of any spent skin cells hanging on after winter!

5. Lighten Up: Switch to a lighter moisturizer for springtime. As the weather gets warmer, you may be sweating more, getting more sun exposure, etc. a lighter moisturizer like the Daily Greens moisturizer by Sorella Apothecary might be perfect for your spring and summer moisturizing needs

6. Organize and Energize: Revamp your skincare organization! After discarding expired products, arrange what's left efficiently. Keep frequently used products at the front and less-used ones at the back. Group similar items together like moisturizers, toners, serums, SPF, etc. A tidy space can inspire a refreshed routine!

With these spring cleaning skincare tips, your skin will be blooming in no time! 🧼🌱 Don't forget to share your glowing results with us by tagging @glowwithida.

Let's make this spring your skin's time to shine!